Yoga and meditation practices can help in many ways. By improving bodily awareness and connecting to the present moment you can help improve focus, release tension, improve balance, and increase self esteem. Physically, yoga improves flexibility, builds muscle strength, and helps ease pain. It protects cartilage and joints, increases blood flow, lowers blood pressure, improves bone and cardiovascular health, and helps regulate adrenals. Mentally, yoga and meditation offers deeper sleep, increases happiness, improves concentration, and reduces stress and anxiety. Breathwork and postures in yoga can also help slow aging and improve energy and vitality.


Benefits of Yoga and Meditation in the workplace

Improves work ethic and morale
Improves overall health of employees
Improves concentration and productivity
Less absenteeism
Less hostility and aggression
Reduces stress
Great selling point for new hires

*livestrong* (and my own knowledge)